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Uk forensic audio file recording analysis and voice recognition expert witness services for the general public and legal representatives. Established since 2009, Audio forensic Services are professional experts in forensic audio analysis, forensic audio recording enhancement services, forensic speech analysis, audio continuity analysis and forensic voice comparison. We offer expert witness services within the UK and overseas, all quotations are free of charge. Our audio forensic expert witness services and voice analysis experts produce independent reports in relation to legal evidential recordings and voice identification services. Our poor quality audio recording transcription services (difficult audio) and audio recording enhancement services are performed independently in-house, so your confidentiality is assured at all times. Our UK based audio forensic analysis examiners and audio forensic experts are dedicated to identifying, through forensic speech analysis, discrepencies and sound artifacts on voice recordings as well as improving the quality of sound recordings on both analogue and digital formats.
Audio forensic services adheres to strict non-disclosure policy in all of its case files and carries out all work in compliance with the ACPO guide-lines and the data protection act 2018.
Audio forensic services are registered with the Forensic Science Regulator Secretariat and comply with the forensic science regulator act 2021.

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Private and Legal Voice Comparison Experts

Audio forensic analysis services

As forensics audio experts and forensic voice comparison expert witnesses, our services assist clients in many facets of audio forensic analysis, including forensic voice comparison, this extends into the specialist fields of authentication, audibility diagnostics and analysis. As Forensic audio analysis experts, we locate and detect anomalies in sound waves, enhance, extract and identify inaudible, distorted or muffled sounds, as well as an assessment and analysis of voice and dialogue from a wide range of formats and recording devices. These services can incorporate voice comparison analysis reports as well as speaker identification certified reports conducted by our audio & voice specialists for UK and worldwide clients.

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Audio forensic Specialists

Audio enhancement

We specialise in mobile phone interference removal, noise reduction, harmonic and frequency distortion removal as well as suppression or removal of unwanted background environmental noise on audio recordings that require cleaning. An example of cleaning unwanted noise would include: weather elements, cicadas, horns, bangs, bar noise, crowd chatter  as well as clicks, buzzing, low frequency hums, pops and crackles.

Audio forensic analysis

Audio forensic analysis covers an extensive range of processes such as forensic audio enhancement, dialogue deciphering and the forensic analysis of tampering or editing on tapes and recordings. Sounds and speech (dialogue) are analysed for either clarity or authenticity to determine a files continuity amongst other aspects through our forensic analysis services at AFS.

Audio verification services

Our audio verification services isolate areas within a recording of which are questioned as possible tampering or editing. In addition to this, our audio verification services report procedures involving audio pattern analysis, sound diagnostics whereby identifying key changes to the structure of a sound recording. If the voices or dialogue on the sound recordings are re-arranged we can analyse the recorded artifacts and report on the findings.

Voice forensics

Voice forensics involves an expert analysis, and comparison of speech and disputed utterances from a recording for voice authentication and speaker comparison purposes. This can be crucial when dealing with legal cases or investigations. Our voice experts and analysts who are proficient in speech identification can assist you further with forensic voice linguistics.

Forensic transcription

We offer the best in quality digital forensic transcription technology including verification services. In forensic transcription through speaker identification we decipher and transcribe audible and poor quality dialogue from many recorded file formats for courts, police 999 recordings, private investigations, legal cases, litigation, commercial and private disputes. Please note; We are not a secretarial typing service.

Legal audio experts

As audio forensic specialists we follow the ACPO guide lines and are registered with the forensic science regulator secretariat and the National Crime Agency. Our legal audio experts can give valuable support to clients in legal litigation cases, whereby audio & voice forensic analysis reports are presented through our audio forensic expert witness services, of which meets legal audio expert witness protocols. 

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Audio Forensics

What does the term "Audio Forensics" cover?
Well, in simple terms we offer the following services: voice comparison, which is sometimes referred to as speaker comparison or voice analysis.  This service is used when, for example, a voice heard on a recording is disputed or needs to be compared to another voice to determine whether the two voices are one and the same voice. Within the fields of voice analysis, we analyse, authenticate and certify audio voice recordings and speech for voice identification purposes and cater for the legal aid board and private individuals.
Other services would include; forensic audio analysis of audio recordings as well as the analysis of MD5 hash Keys for both evidential and non-evidential case files.
Forensic audio enhancement of which assists the audibilty of recordings as well as the transcription of poor quality audio recordings. Through our professional forensic resources, as experts with forensic audio specialist tools and trained ears, we perform further detailed analysis incorporating the clarification, authentication and verification of audio and speech patterns to determine a recording's authentication and integrity. Our reports include a stamp of certification and/or authentication for court or legal purposes aiding clients to defend their evidence.

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Recordings We Analyse

  • Computers, Laptops, USB Flash Drives
  • Mobile Phone Messages and Dictaphones
  • CCTV Evidence and Covert Recordings
  • 999 Calls and Call Centre Recordings
  • Police Interview Recordings

We perform specific
tasks on a broad range
of digital devices.

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Audio Enhancement Mixer

Our Client Base

  • Legal and Civil Disputes
  • Courts and Tribunals
  • Government Agencies
  • Defence Solicitors
  • Private and Public Sectors

Privately funded
and Legal aid
expert witness services.

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Audio Analysis

Forensic Audio Analysis

Audio analysis to determine the integrity of a recording.

Forensic Transcriptions

Forensic Transcriptions

Audio transcriptions services that make a difference.

voice and speech analysis

Forensic Voice Analysis

Up to date information on our voice analysis services.

forensic Speech

Forensic Speech Analysis

Forensic speech analysis, a review of voice experts.

Audio and Voice Experts

Audio and Voice Experts

Our audio and voice experts compile fully verified reports.

Forensic Team

Our Forensic team

Our team of forensic experts produce certified reports.

Forensic Services

Forensic Services

Here you can view all our forensic services on one page.

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