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Audio forensics services incorporate forensic audio enhancement experts and UK audio Forensic Enhancement services, as well as dialogue enhancement and deciphering of phonetic speech algorithms.

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Audio File and Dialogue Enhancement
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Our forensic audio file enhancement expert witness services cater for legal case files and private individuals throughout the UK as well as worldwide. We offer professional audio forensics to enhance the audio on poor quality audio recordings, be they digital or analog in nature.
With our audio forensic enhancement services, AFS have become the definitive leaders in support of audio forensic investigations and speech audibility enhancements. Our audio file and dialogue enhancement experts are ready to assist all levels of investigation.
Standard audio file enhancement is not always enough in many cases as further investigation can be an imperative avenue to discover hidden dialogue or embedded sounds in a recording. As an additional package we can also produce detailed forensic transcriptions and expert audio analysis reports.
We also provide further supporting services such as a fully comprehensive forensic linguistic service whereby we specialise in forensic voice comparison, voice analysis, voice authentication and voice identification. So choose AFS as your audio enhancement experts and experience how we work with clients as a team treating each case file with dedication, professionalism and responsibility, producing quality audio enhancement expert reports.

Enhancement Services

Forensic Audio File Enhancement Services

For poor quality audio recordings that require background noise removal or interference from both digital and analog files.

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Enhancement of Digital Audio Recordings

Forensic background enhancement on sound recordings to bring forward audible levels of background dialogue for evidential purposes.

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dialogue enhancement specialists

Dialogue enhancement to improve audibility on covert or cctv recordings. Levels raised of near party speakers and background noise suppressed.

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enhancing audio on CCTV footage

Enhancing Audio on video footage to produce audibility of any spoken dialogue and CCTV audio is enhanced to produce clarity of sound and dialogue.

Forensic Audio Enhancement Expert Services UK

Our team of experts specialise in a full detailed service whereby we enhance, analyse and authenticate digital recordings of audio and video files paying high attention to detail with a fast and proficient approach at cost effective prices resulting in a much superior quality service than others. 
Our audio forensic enhancement services can assist clients with dialogue enhancement to improve the intelligibility of a recording and remove or reduce audio noise interference on poor quality audio recordings.


Digital recording devices at times produce many unwanted, distracting and obstructing noise interference and frequency distortion artefacts. This in its entirety can cause the recording to be displaced or unintelligible. We therefore offer standard enhancement of a digital audio recording and a forensic deep clean enhancement of recordings that will attempt to retrieve as much dialogue possible buried at low levels within noise or interference. Clothes rustling, wind noise and Vehicle engine rumble are common environmental factors that mask dialogue.

Dialogue Enhancement Specialists

In many cases conversations are recorded to assist an individual or organisation in documenting dialogue spoken during a specific scenario or meeting. Depending on where the recording device microphone has been placed the end product can often produce weak, distant, muffled or distorted recordings. Consequently, this produces the need for the recordist to seek professional assistance. At Audio Forensic Services we can assist clients in this matter. 

Enhancing Audio on cctv footage

Not only external or internal cctv surveillance footage is captured on video to detect and capture real time incidents. Mobile phones and Dash cams are commonly used to capture real time events. Anomalies can occur during the footage of which require the audio to be cleaned and enhanced. Before transferring your recordings to us for enhancement, remember to keep the original safe, you may require it as evidence one day!

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Audio Analysis

Audio analysis examinations to determine the authenticity of a recording.

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Poor quality audio transcriptions services that make a difference.

Voice analysis

Voice Analysis

Further information on our voice analysis services.

Forensic Transcriptions

Audio and Voice Experts

Our team of audio and voice experts compile fully certified reports.

Forensic Services

Our Forensic team

Our team of forensic experts produce regulated legal reports.

Audio File Enhancement

Forensic Services

One page with all our forensic services we can offer you.

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