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At Audio Forensic Services we compare as well as analyse speech pattern bio-metrics and voice recognition characteristics and document all findings in our reports!

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UK Forensic voice recognition expert witness services explained: Voice analysis and forensic speech recognition applies to the voice comparison of two or more voice or speech samples to determine whether each voice pattern matches. This procedure is classed as voice recognition expert comparison.
Speech recognition analysis and voice comparisons are presented in professional reports clearly indicating and pinpointing comparisons or differentiation when analysing a dialogue audio recording. The recordings are processed through specific industry recognised voice analysis software programs, whereby formant calculations are analysed and mapped. Linguistic experts will also study the phonetics and speech patterns of dialogue to present an aural analysis of the recording of which strengthens the high or low probability rating of a voice match.

Voice recognition

Forensic Voice Comparison

Forensic Voice comparison of speech patterns to determine as to whether a voice on one evidential recording matches a voice on a separate voice recording.

Speech Recognition

Forensic Voice Recognition

Tools and methods are applied to allow a UK expert to gain the information required to report on a forensic voice recognition match.

Voice Expert

Speech comparison analysis

Speech comparison analysis that focuses on the characteristics of a speaker's known voice compared to a disputed voice recording.

Speech Expert

Formant Bio-metric Analysis

To extract vowel utterances from two separate speech recordings and compare the results to produce a formant bio-metric analysis chart.

voice comparison services

Voice comparison services require an audio voice expert to compare speech patterns in order to determine whether one or two voices are the same voice. In our lab we use specific industry software and also employ the skills of our experienced voice specialists and linguists to perform various tasks which can include an aural voice comparison from identical sentence structures and words.

voice identification expert services

Our voice identification expert services plays an integral key role in legal litigation cases and civil case files. At AFS we can expose speech patterns and chart the voice on a recording to report on the probability factor. The procedures taken by us ultimately lead to a clearer indication of a voice's identification forming more in-depth analysis reports to assist the client.

Voice and speech Recognition

Voice and speech dialogue recognition requires two or more voice or speech samples to be compared, to determine whether each of the sampled voices match.
All reports are presented with clear indication of the matching results. Our speech linguistic experts will focus on the phonetics and speech patterns of a speakers voice to analyse whether the voices are a high or low probability voice match.

speech formant analysis

Speech formant analysis of a voice recording, incorporates the forensic extraction of vowel utterances from two or more recordings. We then compare the formants and report our findings in an independent certified report. Our reports are issued for court or tribunal presentations purposes. We also accept and work with sound files in foreign languages in addition to the English language.

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Audio Analysis

Our Audio continuity analysis services in more detail.

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Audio transcriptions services we offer our clients.

Comparison of voice

Audio Voice Experts

Audio and voice experts with over 30 years of individual experience.

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Our Forensic team

Our forensic team of experts produce certified and non-certified reports.

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A list of forensic services that we offer to both private and legal sectors.

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