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UK Audio and Voice Specialists

Digital Audio forensic investigation is a science within itself that requires qualified experienced audio and voice experts. This is where our lab at Audio Forensic Services can assist companies, firms and individuals further.
We embrace a solid, proficient working background with expertise and knowledge on both a practical and theoretical level encompassing all aspects of the voice and audio fields.
We are experts in the services we provide because we have been leaders in our specialised fields for more than thirty years. We are a team of loyal ambassadors established since 2009, that project and promote dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge. All cases are performed with professionalism, commitment and reliability.
We offer approachability with effective communication skills.
Above All We Put You The Client First!

Forensic Reports

Forensic Legal Aid Experts

From privately funded case files to legally aided cases we have the forensic experts and experience that matters!

sound desk

Audio and voice forensic experts

With over 30 years of experience our audio and voice forensic experts are at the top of their field!

Voice analysis

uk forensic voice experts

Certified reports are produced by our uk forensic voice experts that abide to the ACPO guidelines and The forensic science regulator act 2021!

Legal transcriptions

experienced in court attendance

Our team are experienced and highly proficient in court attendance when presenting their evidence to both jury and tribunal members.

audio analysis Expert Witness

Our investigation team will analyse audio files to provide clients with a clearer prospective with respect to the authentication and verification of evidential material. Additionally this will enable us to conduct standard tasks on the evidential material presented to us. Our focus is solely on the task at hand, so as to assist in areas connected to litigation audio as well as audio analysis verification for the purpose of court submission.

Dialogue enhancement Expert Services

The enhancement of dialogue is an individual service, categories that our experts can assist in are forensic audio enhancement, dialogue deciphering and voice identification. Once the audio recordings have been assessed a preliminary clean and enhancement process is conducted to determine the level of retrieval. Our dialogue enhancement and dialogue retrieval services are an essential part of legal audio submissions.

Forensic Voice Recognition Experts

The forensic voice recognition process, calls for our voice phonetician experts to apply their expert skills and expertise by analysing and comparing voices within speech patterns from an audio recording. 
Voice analytics also requires the expert to determine the pitch, inflection and phonetics to identify a speaker. A voice comparison is conducted to determine whether two or more recordings of speech or dialogue are one and the same voice. Forensic voice recognition can be used to assist when speaker profiling is required.

forensic transcription Expert witness

There are two areas of forensic transcription our experts present in case files.
Evidentiary focusing on criminal defence or legal litigation transcripts. At times a transcription requires the audio to be enhanced, to improve the speech dialogue, so that the recording of the voice can be clearly transcribed. Additionally, a verbatim transcription may be required, which means that all sounds, utterances and dialogue audible on the audio recording must be transcribed. At times our experts are required to remove phones ringing, horns of cars, alarms or organic environmental noise artefacts. Environmental noise can actually be a very important contribution for legal case files to determine a location.

Forensic Services

transcription experts

Audio Analysis

Audio continuity analysis to examine a files authentication.

speech recognition


Forensic audio transcriptions services that we provide.

voice comparison

Voice Analysis

More information on our voice analysis services.

Forensic transcripts

Audio and Voice Experts

Voice expert services we provide for legal matters.

Enhancement services

Forensic Services

Forensic services required by our clients whether it be legal or personal.

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