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Forensic speech Analysis service assists both legally aided and private funded clients with the comparison of a speakers speech and voice!

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Forensic Speech Analysis services

Our forensic speech analysis services explained: Forensic speech analysis requires one accepted speech sample and one or more questioned speech or voice samples, the speech samples are then compared to determine as to whether there is a match against each voice. 
Speech analysis expert reports are presented to the client which will clearly indicate as to whether the speech samples compare or differ when forensically analysed. Our forensic Linguistic experts use industry recognised hardware and software to listen to and analyse each speech sample. Our Forensic Speech Linguists will analyse the phonetics and speech pattern characteristics of a voice and pin point through detailed analysis, where comparisons determine the support level of a voice matching or not, whichever the case may be. Our experts can present their findings in court or to a tribunal, if required and have many years of experience in this field. At Audio Forensic Services we welcome assignments for forensic speech analysis from legal firms, corporate clients, associations as well as government departments and private individuals. Our forensic speech analyst has over 30 years of experience in speech analysis, so you know your case is in the hands of an experienced professional.

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Forensic speech

Forensic speech Analysis

The forensic speech analysis process will determine if one or more voices match against a questioned voice sample. 

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Forensic Linguist Experts

Our forensic linguist experts are highly recognised throughtout the Uk legal profession to compile constructively clear reports.


Speech analysis experts in court

Our speech analysis experts are competent in presenting evidence to courts and tribunals nationally and internationally.

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Speech and voice Analysis Experts

Our speech and voice analysis experts have over 30 years of experience within their professional fields .

Speech comparison services

Our speech comparison services accommodate legally aided case files as well as privately funded case files. Both Solicited and unsolicited privately funded clients are welcome to issue us instructions as we do not differentiate between the two as it is your right under Uk law to present your case solicited or unsolicited.

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vs speech analysis

Voice analysis and speech analysis are terms used by experts or legal professionals which basically focus on the same application and end product. Some view the comparison as the analysis of the voice characteristics, which it is, however the analysis process also examines the speech phonetics.

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A speech linguist expert is required to present their findings in either a preliminary report format or a fully certified report. Certified forensic linguistic reports are compiled in accordance with both the ACPO and the FSR guidelines.

Why choose AFS As your experts

At Audio Forensic Services we have a professional approach to all aspects of our case files. We have experienced and qualified experts with a fully competent track record of delivering professional services to the community locally, nationally and worldwide.

Forensic Services

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Forensic Audio Analysis

Forensic Audio Analysis

Audio analysis to determine the integrity of a recording.

Forensic Transcriptions

Forensic Transcriptions

Audio transcriptions services that make a difference.

Forensic voice and speech analysis

Forensic Voice and Speech Analysis

Up to date information on our voice analysis services.

Forensic Audio and Voice Experts

Forensic Audio and Voice Experts

Our audio and voice experts compile fully verified reports.

Forensic Team

Our Forensic team

Our team of forensic experts produce certified reports.

Forensic Services

Forensic Services

Here you can view all our forensic services on one page.

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