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audio forensics UK services

Audio Forensics is an intricate and highly specialised field calling for audio forensic experts to have a high degree of expertise, experience and knowledge in order to deal with the technical applications. Our forensic audio expert witness team are highly skilled and dedicated to meet the demands required to analyse audio and voice recordings.
Mobile phone software is broadly used by individuals to record dialogue of third parties. On occasions, due to the inexperience of a sound operator we often find the recorded material is unintelligible or inaudible. Recordings can be cloaked by interior or external sounds such as horns, construction work, crowds etc. Through the use of our specialised audio forensic equipment and our expertise we can uncover evidence which is generally inaudible to the human ear.
All types of recordings on basically any format can be analysed through our specialist forensic services.

Audio Analysis

Audio Forensic analysis for authentication

When preparing for litigation or court presentation all files require a thorough audio analysis to determine their authentication

Dialogue Enhancement

Dialogue enhancement of sound recordings

In-depth cleaning of specifically chosen dialogue. Sound recordings require enhancement of all retrievable conversations.

speaker comparison

voice forensics and speaker comparison

A professional voice forensics expert using their trained ear can conduct a speaker comparison to identify and match a speaker's voice.


Forensic transcription services

From 999 calls to disciplinary meetings our forensic transcription services are available for both the public and legal sector.

audio analysis for authentication purposes

The investigation through analysing audio files provides clients with a foundation and a clearer picture regarding the authenticity and verification of a recording, at the same time allowing us to perform specific tasks on the evidence presented to us for analysis and authentication. At Audio Forensic Services our focus is solely to analyse and authenticate sound recordings so to assist in areas connected to litigation audio as well as audio analysis verification and authentication for court submission.

Dialogue enhancement and deciphering

We specialise in the enhancement of inaudible conversations on recordings. Dialogue enhancement is an individual service and it is not to be confused with the category audio enhancement, dialogue deciphering or voice identification. This process is applied after the sound recordings have undergone preliminary cleaning and enhancement processes due to the poor quality of audio. Our dialogue enhancement and dialogue retrieval services are conducted for private individuals as well as the legal sector.

Forensic Voice Recognition comparisons

The Voice forensics process, which is sometimes called forensic voice recognition comparison linguistics, calls for our voice phonetician experts to implement their skill and expertise by analysing, comparing and identifying speakers and voices within dialogue patterns from an audio recording. 
Recorded voices also require the pitch, inflection and phonetics to be analysed and investigated to identify speaker comparisons and then perform a voice comparison to determine for example, whether two or more recordings of speech or dialogue are the same voice. The speaker comparison process can be used to assist recordings of an evidentiary nature when speaker profiling is required.

forensic transcription Experts

There are two niche areas of forensic transcription our experts deal with.
Firstly, one is evidentiary in nature, focusing on criminal defence or legal litigation transcripts. This type of transcription requires the sound quality to be improved and the speech dialogue to be enhanced so that the recording of the voice can be transcribed to clearly state the dialogue of a recording. The second area is classed as verbatim, which means that all sound and dialogue in an audio recording must be transcribed. This can include phones ringing, horns of cars, alarms and all organic environmental noise. Environmental sounds can actually be a very important contribution for legal cases of an evidentiary nature.

Forensic Services


Audio Analysis

Our audio continuity analysis expert tasks explained.

Head phones


Difficult quality audio transcriptions services we provide clients.

Voice forensics

Voice Analysis

Additional information on the voice analysis services we offer.

Transcription services

Audio and Voice Experts

Audio and voice expert services in more detail.

Forensic team

Our Forensic team

Our team of forensic experts are experienced and regulated.

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