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Your communication is very important to us as well as the quality service we provide. At times it is difficult to offer standard set pricing procedures or quotations over the phone as each individual file requires an assessment of costing.

Price matters

Pricing can be subject to many variables including but not limited to, the retrieval of damaged sound, the specifics of a request to enhance or restore the sound, audio or dialogue of a recording, as well as taking into consideration the editing and mastering processes involved or the length of the original audio recording itself. All these factors are important and are taken into consideration when pricing for a quotation. We will however do our very best to offer you an estimate of costs during your initial point of contact and follow this through with a more detailed and accurate quotation in writing. It is always our policy at Audio Forensic Services to keep and maintain our prices at competitive rates.

Additional transfer services

For customers who require Tape, Video, CD or DVD audio transfers or who may require CDR, CD, DVD duplications please contact us regarding individual pricings.We specialise in both analog and digital recordings and we can transfer your recordings to any digital format you require. As a reminder, Audio Forensic Services also provide professional sound editing, audio mastering, duplication and audio transfer services.

Turnaround times

We aim to offer an estimated completion date for all standard completion services, however, priority case files will take precedence over our standard completion service. If your case requires priority please advice us before we forward you a quotation.
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