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Professional Transcriptions

Forensic Transcription Services UK

  • Audio Transcription Services and Audio Tape Transcription Services.

  • Poor Quality Audio Verbatim Transcription Services available for Legal Aid case files covering the UK & Southern Ireland.

Our UK audio transcription services are presented in a way as to offer our clients the convenience of choosing one business to provide combined key elements of an all in one service.
Key elements of our all in one forensic transcription services play an integral part in assisting our clients to reduce time management schedules and therefore, assists in meeting budgets, consequently making matters more cost effective for the client.

Transcription Services:

Our forensic transcription services, combine highly trained ears and adept administration skills whereby, enabling us to provide clients a service that encompasses a more accurate transcription of dialogue. In addition, our dedicated voice analyst/transcriber and audio professional, when transcribing a recording will listen to sections of audio and meticulously run through each section making sure that they have deciphered the dialogue and accounted for any inaudible words or sentences. The final process incorporates thorough proofreading at no additional fee to the client.

On principle a one hour audio file, could take between four to five hours for a transcriptionist to transcribe the recording particularly when paying a higher attention to detail. This does very much depend however on the actual condition of the recording itself.

To illustrate, if the quality of an audio recording interferes with the dialogue or the speaker has poor diction, we would firstly recommend to our clients and offer our audio cleaning and dialogue enhancement services to bring forward the clarity of speech conversations on the recording itself. This will assist the time taken to transcribe the media file.

Audio Tape Transcription Services:

Part of the audio tape transcription services we provide on both presented audio files with document transcripts and audio transcripts entail correcting unintelligible and inaudible dialogue, passages, lines and words including spelling errors. For certain services such as verbatim or legal transcriptions we can offer our clients a dialogue deciphering service which will take into account such factors as accents, speaker's diction and the provision of a phonetics key documented in the final transcript.

The Following Explains In Further Detail The Benefits When Combining AFS Audio Cleaning And Transcription Services:

  • One set of instructions instead of two or more.
  • Postal/Courier charges are reduced.
  • Telephone call times reduced through the use of our combined services.
  • All instructions communicated through one of our professionals to maintain consistency and continuity.
  • Consistency and continuity ensures your instructions are clearly followed through all the way and documented throughout the entire process from start to finish.
  • Secures continuity of your case file.
  • As with legal cases continuity and authenticity can be an essential element to any successful contribution of evidence.
  • As your recording is also examined by dedicated audio and voice specialists, terminology such as inaudible is considerably reduced meaning that your transcriptions are finely tuned with the prime focus on the dialogue to be transcribed, producing more accuracy and a higher definition of detail.
Transcription Services

What Type Of Transcripts Are Covered By Our Audio Typing Service UK Based Transcribers?

  • Microcassette transcription services.
  • Forensic transcription.
  • Legal transcriptions.
  • Audio transcriptions.
  • Digital transcriptions.
  • Interview transcriptions.
  • Video transcriptions.
  • Evidentiary transcriptions.
  • Verbatim transcription.
  • Smart copy transcriptions.
  • General transcriptions.

Standard Media Formats Transcribed:

As we are AV specialists our facilities accommodate for a multitude of digital media formats and hardware devices. These include transcription services from:

  • Voice recorders, Dictaphones, Mobiles, Smartphones (Blackberry, Android, iPhone), iPods - hardware devices.
  • dss, amr, wma, ogg, mp3, wav, aif, ac3, flac - audio files.
  • mov, vob, divx, vcd, avi, mpeg, wmv, mp4 - video files.
  • CD, DVD, Blu-ray discs, mini tapes, micro tapes, cassette tapes, VHS tapes.
  • Podcasts, webcasts.

Where Our Audio Transcribers May Be Required:

On occasions Police 999 tapes record inaudible dialogue due to the caller's location or phone connection. Police interview recordings can also be affected by certain factors such as environmental noises or softly spoken dialogue rendering the dialogue unintelligible or indistinguishable. At times it is called upon for an independent body to transcribe the audio material.

Other case scenarios of which require transcribed material from data are call centres who record inbound and outbound calls and telephone conversations for security, training and legal purposes.

The press, media as well as marketing and market research companies partake in interviews and often require transcribed manuscripts taken from audio recordings.

The Following Are Additional Areas Where Our Professional UK Transcription Services Benefit Clients In Transcribing Recordings:

These include transcription services for:

  • Training and educational programs.
  • Conference meetings.
  • Interview recordings.
  • Transcripts of court hearings.
  • Intelligence recordings.
  • Police and criminal evidence act recordings - PACE.
  • Litigation evidence.
  • Call recording - Legally recorded call centre customer service conversations.
  • Immigration services tribunal recordings.
  • Employment tribunal recordings.
  • Courtroom and court hearing audio transcripts.
  • Legal transcription services.
  • Surveillance evidence.
  • Tribunal hearing audio recordings.
  • General transcription of audio recordings.

Sending Work To Us And Priority Rates:

Regardless of your project's duration, we cater for one off, series, large scale and ongoing projects. Audio files and documents can be sent to us via email or we will provide clients with a secure upload server for larger files. All completed transcripts are forwarded to the client via electronic post in .doc or .pdf file format, alternatively items can be sent via UK Royal Mail service or the client's arranged chosen courier.

Our turn-around time will depend on the following factors: Condition of the audio recording, the duration and density of the audio required to be transcribed.

Please note that urgent or priority cases will incur an additional charge. Out of business hours and week-end priority instructions will be charged at double time rates.

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