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Audio Forensic Services

Audio Forensic Experts UK

  • Forensic Audio Analysis, Litigation Audio and Forensic Audio Services Lab.

Our Forensic Lab Services

  • Legal Aid Experts.
  • Audio Forensic Experts.
  • Voice Forensic Experts.
  • Video Forensic Experts.
  • Computer Forensic Experts.
  • Mobile Phone Forensic Experts.

Audio Specialists And AV Litigation Experts:

Digital Audio forensic investigation is a science within itself that requires qualified experienced audio and voice experts. This is where our lab at Audio Forensic Services can assist companies, firms and individuals further.

Audio And Voice Forensic Experts:

The team in our audio forensic laboratories are highly skilled professionals, passionate about our business, industry and professions. Throughout the years we have gained unrivalled international presence and recognition for our outstanding achievements.

Our Teams Accomplishments:

We embrace a solid, proficient working background with expertise and knowledge on both a practical and theoretical level encompassing all aspects of the voice and audio fields.

  • 30 Years of sound production experience.
  • 30 years of voice and speech analysis experience.
  • Recognised qualifications in the audio profession.
  • Recognised qualifications in the voice and speech related industries.

With this in mind, many companies, organisations and individuals benefit daily from our services.

Studio Lab

Our Studio Labs Team Up Close:

We are experts in the services we provide because we have been leaders in our specialised fields for more than twenty five years. We are a team of loyal ambassadors that project and promote:

  • Dedication.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Knowledge.
  • Professionalism.
  • Commitment.
  • Reliability.
  • Approachability.
  • Effective communication.

Above All We Put You The Client First!


Our services are very popular with a diversified client base ranging from the legal services to individual members of the public. We hold a high level of communication with our clients. Therefore, we welcome and encourage you to contact us regarding any enquiries relative to the services we provide so that we can assist you further.


We operate and are based in the East Midlands, UK with established contacts globally. Our location knows no boundaries regarding the services we provide and can assist you with, as many of our clients are located worldwide.

File Transfers:

From the client, files can be transferred onto CD, DVD, Tape or USB drives and posted via a courier or Royal Mail to us directly. We do not cover return postage costs and therefore all material sent to us through correspondence requires a pre paid self addressed envelope. To assist in making the distribution of files globally, we also have a secure internet file upload area available for customers.
Transfers to our clients can also be made in an identical fashion to transfers from a client regarding the uploading of files.

Confidentiality And Security:

Confidentiality and security are an essential and fundamental part of the services we provide. We adhere to and maintain compliance with the UK and international privacy regulations.
We provide a secure and confidential file transfer service. So you know your item will be delivered safely, promptly and with professionalism.

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