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Audio Analysis Services Uk

  • Forensic Audio Analysis Services UK, Audio Verification Services, Audio Forensic Evidence Analysis, Audio Analysis Experts, Tape Authenticity Analysis and Audio Continuity Analysis.

  • We offer a Legal Aid Expert Witness Service to the UK & Southern Ireland Regions.

Forensic Audio Analysis UK:

An insight into our audio forensic analysis services UK and worldwide:
We offer forensic evidence services to the legal profession and to individual private clients. As market leaders in forensic audio analysis UK and audio forensic analysis services worldwide, with a proven track record of determining the authenticity of voice recordings on digital media or analog tape and voice/dialogue/speech patterns our audio tape analysis services continue to produce evidence which contains the required legal guidelines as well as legal continuity requirements in the UK and globally.
AFS experts support clients from an independent impartial perspective and supply reports and findings that are both reliable and perceptible. Assisted by the latest up-to-date technology and a constantly evolving and expanding base of audio forensic resources, AFS analog and digital sound examiners are able to guide clients worldwide on technical issues, questions and opinions with confidence.

Audio Forensic Examiners and Audio Authenticity Analysis Expert:

Our forensic examiners as experts provide an independent, impartial forensic consultancy service. Evidence such as voice recorders are handled professionally leaving no indication of inspection or transfer. Material evidence is thoroughly analysed and assessed to determine for example: audio tape tampering or whether the recorded evidence/material has been subjected to the masking of edits by a professional and such methods employed which could impede authenticity. Forensic tape analysis and digital forensic media analysis requires expert consultants to certify the processes for submission to court.

Forensic Audio Enhancement Services

Audio Analysis And Authentication Services:

Todays technology provides ample opportunity for domestic users to record conversations on the fly in real time. Domestic software packages and third party addon programs allow the home user or hobbyist to rearrange or tamper with recorded material. Hence this facilitates the importance of experts to analyse material for its authenticity and produce certified documentation and reports on their findings to verify continuity or discontinuity of audio recordings. The following outlines our audio analysis authenticity report and audio analytics services with the key specialist areas AFS pertain to:

  1. Audio Analysis Services.
  2. Audio Tape Analysis Services.
  3. Audio Forensic Analysis Services.
  4. Audio Continuity Analysis.
  5. Tape Authenticity Analysis.
  6. Recording Authentication Detection.
  7. Audio Verification Services.
  8. Forensic Audio Analysis Services.
  9. Forensic Sound Analysis.
  10. Audio Recordings Analysis.
  11. Audio Voice Analysis.
  12. Voice Forensic Analysis Comparison and Identification.
  13. Voice Forensic Analysis Authenticity.
  14. Voice Recognition Services.
  15. Voice Dialogue Analysis.
  16. Speech Analysis Comparison.
  17. Forensic Speech and Audio Analysis.
  18. Audio Forensic Analysis Expert Services.
  19. Audio Forensic Evidence Analysis.
  20. Audio Expert Witness Service.
Audio Tape Enhancement

Audio Forensic Evidence Analysis Services:

Audio continuity analysis reports are presented to clients in order to assist in areas which require a recording to be proven legitimate.
The authenticity of recordimgs are an integral part of Audio Forensic Services to present recordings as a valid piece of evidence. Various techniques are implemented to analyse and authenicate a recording. This varies depending on the original recording device used to capture a specific moment in time.
Verification of recordings rely on techniques to detect editing or tampering.
The AFS policy is to conduct all aspects of analysis in a controlled and secure environment to ensure confidentiality and support to sensitive case files.

Forensic Voice Recording Analysis Services:

Our Forensic voice recording analysis services are wide and varied. analog voice recorders contain micro cassette tapes which call for an audio tape analysis service to produce an expert authentication report. Digital voice recorders can be used for domestic purposes or commercial as in the form of flight data recordings requiring a cockpit voice recording analysis service. Whether it be a domestic, legal or tribunal analysis report required or an airplane Black Box recording investigation regarding a flight data recorder of an airplane incident, AFS can assist in these areas of service.

Forensic Enhancement Services

Voice Analysis And Speech Dialogue Analysis:

Voice analysis expert witness services explained:
Dialogue analysis and forensic speech analysis applies to the voice comparison of two or more voice or speech samples to determine whether each voice pattern matches. This procedure is classed as voice forensic analysis comparison.
Speech recognition analysis and voice comparisons are presented in professional reports clearly indicating and pinpointing continuity or discontinuity when analysing a dialogue audio recording. The recordings are processed through specific industry recognised voice analysis software programs, whereby formant calculations and frequency patterns are analysed and graded. Linguistic experts will also study the phonetics and speech patterns of dialogue to present an aural analysis of the recording of which strengthens the high or low probability rating of a voice match.

Voice Comparison:

Voice comparison expert witness services conducted:
Forensic speaker comparison services or simply, voice comparison services require an audio voice expert to compare voices in order to determine whether one or two voices are the same for example. In our lab we use specific industry software and also employ the skills of our experienced voice specialists and linguists to perform various tasks which can include an aural voice comparison from identical sentence structures and words.

Voice Identification:

Voice identification plays a key role in legal litigation cases and civil case files. At AFS we can expose a masked voice or muffled voice for example and chart the voice on a recording to report on the probability factor. The procedures taken by us ultimately lead to a clearer indication of a voice's identification forming more in-depth analysis reports to assist the client.

Forensic Enhancement Services

Detection Of Tampering, Editing Or Discontinuities In Recordings:

To clarify and confirm authenticity AFS conduct investigations to detect and verify signs of any discontinuities, tampering or editing within a recording. Sound files can be subjected to tampering when they are taken out of their original recording environment. At AFS we have the facilities, knowledge and technology to perform the required tasks and formulate supporting reports to be used as evidence in diputes, litigation, legal matters and court hearings to confirm continuity and authenication or prove corruption and alteration.

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