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Mobile Phone Forensics

  • Mobile Phone Forensic Data Recovery, Cell Phone Analysis Service and Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis Services, UK.

Mobile phone forensic services has become an integral part of investigations whereby the legal sector require mobile phone forensic experts to extract data, recover data or analyse content of a digital communication device. With the millions of mobile phones in circulation around the world and more than 63 million mobiles owned in the UK alone, there is a strong likelihood that most criminal activities involve the misuse of mobile or other portable storage media. Police, legal systems, HR departments and fraud investigators have a growing dependence on forensic evidence obtained from cell phones, tablets, memory sticks and other devices.

These can include:

  1. Mobile Phones.
  2. Cell Phones.
  3. PDA Devices.
  4. SIM Cards.
  5. Smart Phones Of Which Include Androids, iPhones And Windows Phones.
  6. Portable Media Players Of Which Include iPods.
  7. Tablet Computers Including iPads.
  8. Memory Cards, Pen Drives and Removable Storage Media In General.
  9. Sat-Navs.

Forensic Examinations Of Mobile and Portable Devices:

We use cutting edge forensic equipment and methods for effective recovery and forensic analysis of recovered data. All work is executed in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officer Guidelines. Our expert witness services support forensic expert reports for court purposes.
We perform forensic analysis and data recovery in our discreet and secure laboratory, or equally are able to provide our services out in the field.

Specialist areas our Audio Forensic Services experts cover in our forensic mobile phone analysis service are:

  1. Recovering Data From Water Damaged Mobile Phones.
  2. Cell Site Analysis.
  3. Cell Phone Analysis.
  4. Digital Forensics.
  5. Tablet Forensics.
  6. iDevice Forensics.
  7. Mobile Device Forensics.
  8. Apple Mac Forensics.
  9. Forensic Data Recovery.
  10. Privacy Threats.
  11. Fraud Investigation.
  12. Geographic Data Research.
  13. Supported Expert Reports.
  14. Expert Witness Services In Mobile Phone And Portable Media Forensics.

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