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Video Analysis Services

Forensic Video Services

  • Forensic Video Services, Forensic Video Enhancement, Forensic Image Enhancement, Video De-Multiplexing Services and Forensic Video Analysis, UK.

Forensic video services in detail:
In certain cases surveillance cameras produce poor quality video requiring a forensic video expert to clean up and enhance a video recording for key identity and legal evidence. Images can be dark, blurred and masked requiring forensic video enhancement or in certain cases the identification of an individual or objects requiring magnification such as vehicle number plates.
Our video forensic services also cover video analysis and video authentication to detect the integrity of the footage and to determine through documented processes whether the footage has been modified and subjected to alteration or editing.

Forensic Image Enhancement And Video Masking:

Forensic image enhancement of visually captured images can be slowed down, highlighted and enlarged. We can also follow each frame on the video and process the visual image by employing certain techniques such as sharpening or un-blurring footage (for instance CCTV video footage) leading to the key identification of an individual or object. This can provide a more detailed and accurate representation of what is actually occurring on the actual recorded visual footage.

  1. Magnification of captured images or video footage for the purpose of identifying specific areas.
  2. Un-blur video recordings as well as images on captured footage.
  3. Sharpen and enlarge visual images for more detail.
  4. Reduce video noise (fuzzy images and lines) without distorting the visual presentation.
  5. Brighten images or lighten video to enhance dark areas.
  6. The extraction of high quality still frames from video recordings.

Video De-Multiplexing:

Video De-Multiplexing Sevices explained:
Video that is multiplexed has multiple channels or streams combined for transmission purposes.
In many cases CCTV footage for example requires the streams or channels to be split into their original channels/streams called demultiplexing and becomes a reverse of multiplexing. This process assists clients in isolating specific areas of video evidence that may be required for a particular case file or court presentation whereby camera angles are individualised and separated.
For more on our video demultiplexing services please contact us at Audio Forensic Services .

Forensic Video Analysis and Imagery Analysis:

Forensic Video Analysis UK and Worldwide services explained:
Forensic analysis of video footage is commonly performed to produce for example an analysis of a person's clothing or apparel to assist identification.
Imagery analysis is performed by one of our forensic video experts to expose and uncover masked images.
Body and facial mapping processes are also conducted on images as well as vehicle analysis and clothing analysis to determine if specific image details can be matched, viewed or compared.
The following indicates the type of media we produce detailed imagery analysis reports (IAR) from:

  1. CCTV Systems.
  2. DVD's.
  3. Video Cameras.
  4. Satellite Cameras.
  5. Still Photographs and Aerial Photographs.
  6. Infra-Red Cameras

To consult one of our experts regarding your own case file call UK 0845 519 8238 or contact us here.

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