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Video Analysis Services

Computer Forensic Services

  • Forensic Hard Drive Data Recovery And Hard Drive Analysis, UK.

Our computer forensic services are performed by expert computer forensic technicians who are professionally trained and skilled in the analysis and recovery of data. They extract a forensic image of the hard drive whereby the result is zero contamination to the existing hard drive. Our computer forensic experts can undertake computer data recovery on damaged, destroyed or encrypted hard drives.

With most people having access to computers and the internet, there is high possibility that many computers are used for criminal misuse or fraud. We offer professional and comprehensive forensic data recovery and analysis services. No matter whether it's an internal or external hard disk, we can recover your data for you. All data extractions and analyses are undertaken by qualified forensic experts and conform to the ACPO Guidelines. We support this with court reports and expert witness services.

Data Recovery Services

Recoverable data can include:

  1. Documents.
  2. Deleted Data.
  3. Facebook.
  4. Video Files And Audio Files.
  5. Internet History.
  6. User Profiles And Activity.
  7. USB Device History.
  8. Email And Webmail.
  9. Photographs.

Hard Drive Analysis

Computer systems capture time stamped data that can expose usage pertaining to an unlawful or illegal act. Computer forensic investigations can isolate, identify and extract evidence of which may pertain to any misuse, illegal activity or suspicious conduct. Our computer forensic experts are able to recover evidence and information that has been deleted. This information is hidden on general inspection and to the naked eye however our forensic experts can offer a 90% plus recovery rate of such hard drive data. Our dedicated experts can perform onsite inspections and collections.

All processes are performed using the latest computer forensic technology and professional certified software as is recognised by the Police, law enforcement agencies, courts and the legal profession.

For further assistance with our digital forensic services call an expert on UK 0845 519 8238 or contact us here.

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